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Amrita RITE - Rural India Tablet Education

Students using TabletsMost personalized learning systems are designed for either personal computers (e-learning) or mobile devices like smartphones (m-learning). With the tablet technology gaining momentum low cost tablets like Aakash have gain more importance in education and more so in the developing part of the world where affordability is key determinant in technology adoption.

A ubiquitous learning environment offered by tablet technology, keeps the students engrossed in the learning process and more importantly teachers are able to adopt the tablets due to its ease of use, small form factor and most importantly affordability.

Our research is focused on developing responsive UI based content for the tablets. Our approach is fully integrated into the formative assessment process and most importantly, coexists with the present e-learning environment. With tablets we are foreseeing a renewed effort on teacher empowerment.

 Research questions we are trying to address :

  • Modeling tablets as a technology innovation and developing a pedagogical framework for attributes that can significantly affect its adoption by students and teachers
  • Can we model tablets as a “disruptive innovation” and forecast its critical mass for adoption
  • Tablet learning empirical studies for both K12 and higher education and compare learning outcomes with Desktops
  • How can Tablets impact Personalized learning?

We are in the process of developing interactive simulations for science practical experiments to be deployed on tablets for rural schools in India. Another effort is in enhancing the reading levels of disadvantaged kids in the backward areas of Kerala.


Amrita Serve Rural Internship Program

 Amrita Serve Rural Internship Program organized by Amrita CREATE

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“Online Labs is very useful for studies. I was very much interested in knowing the experiments in Online Labs. I really liked it on the tablet.”
~M. Sabeetha, class 11, G.H.S.S, Kulathupalayam

“The tablet is very useful as can be held within the hands. It is very easy and helpful in knowing many things. The experiments in Online Labs were excellent.”
~V. Vanitha, class 9, G.H.S, Devarayapuram

“Online labs is one of the advanced teaching systems which can make a revolution in education, specially in science. It is one of the modern methods which helps to teach science and helps the student to smoothly conduct the lab.”
~Niranjan Parida, ODM Public School, Bhubaneswar

“Had an interesting session here. The session was quite informative and we enjoyed learning the working of Online Labs. I am sure this is going to help students to a great extend and will make the practical more enjoyable to them.”
~Manisha Samal, DAV Public School, CDA, Cuttack