Our Inspiration


CREATE has a unique mix of research talents in the areas of technology-based assessment, language learning, large-scale testing platforms, data visualisation, STEM (Science, Technology, English, Maths) education, virtual learning environments, and technology platform development. Our multidisciplinary teams have the ability to advance the effective use of technology to improve teaching and learning.

Optimism, vision, questioning, far-sightedness, hard work and quality consciousness characterise our team. These qualities provide a healthy platform for interaction, innovation, growth and change. Each member of the team is futuristic in approach and attitude and ever-ready to take up new challenges to learn, create, and evolve.

Research Staff

  • Raghu Raman, Director, Senior Member IEEE
  • Prema Nedungadi, Joint Director
  • Praveen Singh, Technical consultant
  • Raji Nair, ERP Architect
  • Rita Sutcliffe, English Language Content Manager
  • Mark U Mcgregor, Cognitive Psychology
  • Sheila Nair, Project Implementation
  • Nikhil Sharma, Senior Research Associate
  • Rajesh Kumar KP, Senior Research Associate
  • Rathish G – Senior Project Manager
  • Abhilash V.R – Technical Project Leader
  • Sreejesh K Nair – Senior Software Engineer
  • Ratheesh Kumar T – Animation Supervisor
  • Shyamdev – Senior Graphic Designer


  • S Regunathan, Advisor, National Knowledge Commission
  • Prof. Karmeshu, JNU, New Delhi
  • Prof. Bharat Jayaram, SUNY, Buffalo
  • Sri. Vineet Joshi, CBSE Chairman


  • Dr. M Sasikumar, Director, CDAC, Mumbai
  • Prof AK Ray, IIT Kharagpur
  • Prof. Candace Thille, Open Learning Initiative, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Prof. Kinshuk, NSERC Chair, Athabasca University
  • Prof Vijay Kumar, Senior Associate Dean, OEIT, MIT
  • Prof. Marcia Linn, University of California at Berkeley
  • Dr Larry Johnson, New Media Consortium
  • Dr. Rob Reilly, President, IEEE Education Society
  • Dr. RC Kaimal, Chairman, Computer Science, School of Engineering, Amrita
  • Dr. Maneesha Ramesh, Director, Amrita Center for Wireless Networks & Applications
  • Dr. Balakrishnan Shankar, Associate Dean, School of Engineering, Amrita
  • Dr. Krishnashree Achuthan, VALUE @ Amrita
  • Dr. Sriram Devanathan, Head, Amrita Biomedical Engineering Research Center
  • Dr. Shyam Diwakar, School of Biotechnology, Amrita