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About the Center

The Center for Research in Advanced Technologies for Education (CREATE) is an educational technology initiative pioneered by Amrita University. CREATE @ AMRITA applies innovative digital solutions to provide accessible and affordable educational technologies for all. We aim to improve the quality of education for all with innovative solutions that integrate research and practice.

Towards this, we strive to advance research on innovative pedagogy, architectural frameworks and implementations of both e-Learning and m-Learning systems with an emphasis on personalized assessment and learning. A new research focus area is modelling approaches for the diffusion of Personalized Learning as an educational innovation. Our ongoing research aims to measure individual and collaborative learning in STEM and language learning skills with the aid of data mining and visualization of big learning data.

Today, the center is funded primarily by research grants from NME ICT, MHRD; Department of IT, MCIT; HP Global Social Innovation etc. which contributes around 80 per cent of our funding.

The center has built a Simulation Lab for STEM skills to develop and deploy immersive educational experiences using innovative 2D, 3D simulations. Towards this the Simulation Lab focusses on learning and assessment via interactive simulations and interfacing of handheld devices to enhance learning and assessment. The researchers work on technological frameworks that address education, systems architecture, content aligned to curricula, multi-modal approaches for various learner types.

We pioneered the development and deployment of an Intelligent tutoring and Adaptive assessment program in over 45 Indian schools in rural and small city neighbourhoods. For six years, the center has been a change agent for training women. It has provided free training to hundreds of women teachers in both city and rural schools in the use of ICT and computer aided learning methodologies. It also provides training for women in language skills, thereby empowering them to get better jobs. Small and medium scale statistical studies validate our bridging of the digital divide and creating more inclusiveness in societal development.

Social and educational systems must be designed in such a manner that creativity and values are nurtured along with knowledge. CREATE is meeting the research challenge to determine the features and applications which can lead to such types of phased transformation through educational technologies.

The solution to these problems requires an interdisciplinary approach that draws upon expertise in the physical, biological, statistical and social sciences. CREATE has assembled a multidisciplinary team with these factors in mind.

“The main purpose of education should be to impart a culture of the heart – a culture based on spiritual values. Communication through machines has even made people in far off places seem very close. Yet, in the absence of communication between hearts, even those who are physically close to us seem to be far away.”