Our Inspiration

DST inspire camp – CREATE demos higher secondary students in the potential use of Online Labs and initial survey with over 150 students.


DST sponsored Inspire camps are held for high-ability students of Class XI and XII. The Science Camp is held to motivate and inspire the talented student to take up Science and Research as a career. The Science Camps are often addressed by top scientists of India including Bhatnagar Awardees and global icons of Science including Nobel laureates.


CREATE @ Amrita was invited to present the online science labs to a DST INSPIRE camp held by Sambalpur University. CREATE was also invited to present a similar topic for high school students at the Institution of Engineers Hall, Thiruvananthapuram


Senior members of CREATE @ Amrita, Rathish G. and Mukesh K. demoed and trained students of Class XI and XII in the potential use of Online Simulation and Animation Labs at these two camps. Students were motivated and interested in projects and many signed up for a pilot study. An initial survey, which will be used in our research, to understand the student perception on the value, content, learning and usefulness of online labs was conducted with over 150 students.


Thank you for your visit to Sambalpur University to interact with the students in the DST-INSPIRE internship camp. We are grateful to you for your wonderful talk delivered to the participants to inspire them to study on e-learning in future. The participants enjoyed your class. I am sure, in future you will extend similar help to us for any such type of program.” Dr. Bijay Mishra, Sambalpur University